Philippines’s Cynthia Thomalla Wins Miss Eco International 2018

Miss Eco International 2018

Another Filipino beauty emerged victorious.

On April 27, 2018, Sunday, the new Miss Eco International was finally revealed, and cheers were heard as Ms. Philippines Cynthia Thomalla was named winner.

PH Bet Cynthia Thomalla Is Miss Eco International 2018

The pageant, which was held in Cairo, Egypt, was participated by more than 50 gorgeous ladies hailing from different countries around the world. Thomalla, a tourism and events management graduate, is only the Philippines’s second representative, as the pageant was only introduced to the country last year.

Cynthia Thomalla

Photograph by AHMED ARAFA

Thomalla has always been a crowd favorite. The stunning 23-year-old further proved that she’s worthy of the crown when she gave a brilliant answer to the question about the most important thing beauty pageants can give to the people and the world.

Cynthia Thomalla said, “I think the most relevant thing that we beauty queens can add to the world is raising awareness on our own causes. For example, the Miss Eco International is raising the advocacy of sustainable tourism and protecting the environment. And that is the main point of doing beauty pageants, by raising our voices to help the Earth.”

Cynthia Thomalla Wins Miss Eco International 2018

Succeeding Canada’s Amber Bernachi who took home the crown last year, Thomalla is the first Filipino to hold the title. Finishing first runner-up is Indonesia’s Astira Vernadeina, Peru’s Kelin Rivera Kroll is second runner-up, Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Dung is third runner-up, and Miss Costa Rica Glennys Medina Segura is fourth runner-up.

Thomalla is the last of the four Miss World-Philippines winners to compete for an international title. Her win is the third one for PH following Teresita “Winwyn” Marquez‘s win at Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 and Sophia Senoron at Miss Mutinational.

As Miss Eco International mainly focuses on raising awareness through the theme of economy and environment, Cynthia Thomalla is expected to participate in several activities that are aimed at promoting the pageant organization’s advocacy.

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