5 Filipina Models You Should Follow on Instagram

Filipina Models

If you think fashion models are flawless breeds of individuals who possess extraordinary genes, then we suggest you take a second look. You might have not noticed, but behind the almost-perfect bone structures, glowing skin, and towering heights, there hide some flaws that make them normal, just like the rest of us.
However, there is one thing that sets them apart—their ability to play with their body flaws and make it appear like an advantage in front of the camera. With that being said, it is no surprise why models are among those individuals who are able to build such a huge following on social media, particularly in the photo-sharing platform Instagram.
So below, we present you ten Filipina models you should follow on Instagram to inspire you to accept your flaws to succeed in your modeling career.

1. Danica Magpantay

IG: icamagpantay

Number of Followers: 12.3K

Danica Magpantay
Danica Magpantay is the second Asian and only Filipina to bag the title of the Ford Supermodel of the World competition, which was held in New York in 2011. At that time, she was only 17, making her the youngest winner of the prestigious competition.

As the daughter of supermodel mother Lala Flores, she was encouraged to pursue a modeling career at an early age. She then enrolled in Joey Espino’s Master School of Models to learn the basics of modeling.
Filipina Model
When she was set to do real modeling work, she was convinced to walk for Folded & Hung during the Philippine Fashion Week. After that, she joined the Supermodel Philippines contest, alongside her sister. Fortunately, she took home the crown, while her sister landed the 8th spot.

Because she was still a novice, Danica thought it was hard to represent the country. But thanks to her interesting mix of masculine and feminine features, she was able to win the crown in the 2011 Ford Supermodel of the World pageant.
Supermodel of the World
Since her win, she has become the favorite of many world-renowned fashion designers, including Tim Hamilton, Porter Gray, Norman Ambrose, Nanette Lepore, Bibhu Mohapatra, and Bensoni.

2. Marga Esquivel

IG: marga_esq

Number of Followers: 8,151

Marga Esquivel

Filipina model Marga Esquivel may have dyed her hair silver, but this actually brought her gold. Now she is one of the busiest and most sought-after models on the catwalk.

Marga has since worked her way to the spotlight. Although she is just a newcomer, she managed to charm the fashion industry with her vibrant beauty and obvious cheekbones, landing modeling gigs in the 2016 shows of Marc Jacobs and Gucci, as well as scoring a coveted spot in Chanel’s Haute Couture event.

Sought-After Model
Aly El, Marga’s agent, said that the young model’s striking features and charisma have captivated the fashion realm. She said, “When I first saw Marga, I fell in love with her look immediately. Although her hair is the first thing you notice, you then realize that she has a universal beauty that transcends any cut or color.”

Young Model
“She also has a quiet confidence and an understated but unique sense of style that helps define her identity as a whole and has proven to be very refreshing to the industry so far,” she added.

3. Charlene Almarvez

IG: charlenealmarvez_

Number of Followers: 2,283

Charlene Almarvez

Charlene Almarez, a native of Laguna, has already been making waves in the international modeling scene while she was still in New York. In 2010, she broke into the fashion scene after joining the Ford Supermodel of the World competition and winning first runner-up.

Ford Supermodel of the World
With a towering height of 5’9”, Charlene was first discovered by the director of Philippine Fashion Week. Since then, she has become a popular face in the international modeling world.

Charlene has already graced the runways for notable fashion designers such as Sophie Theallet, Peter Som, and Diane Von Furstenberg during the Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week. She became the face of various international labels Primark and Hush Puppies. Also, she has been featured in magazines like New York Times, Elle Russia, Vogue, and US Glamour.

4. Charo Ronquillo

IG: charotsky8

Number of Followers: 2,938

Charo Ronquillo

Dubbed as the next Anna Bayle, Charo Ronquillo made a name for herself in the fashion scene because of her unique looks. At the age of 12, this once-boyish lady dreamt about becoming a supermodel. Now she is called the Kate Moss of Asia.

Unique Looks
While playing basketball at an arcade in Laguna, Philippines, a local agent noticed Charo’s beauty. Eventually, she was chosen to represent her province in the Ford Supermodel of the World–Philippines. She won the competition, so she proceeded to the next level of the competition, which was held in New York. Charo won the third spot.

Charo was the only contestant from the Far East to participate in the competition since it was started by Eileen Ford in 1980. After her win, she began strutting the runways for many fashion brands such as BCBG, Tony Burch, Lacoste, Kenneth Cole, and Antonio Berardi. She was also featured in the pages of magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire Paris.

5. Monika Sta. Maria

IG: monikastamaria

Number of Followers: 95.9K

Monika Sta. Maria
Monika Sta. Maria is the Filipina model who won 1st runner-up in the third cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model. Since her win, she has become an Asian ambassador for Subaru.

This La Salle alumna isn’t really a newbie in the modeling world. In 2012, she joined the local fitness contest Century Tuna Superbods. The following year, she auditioned with ANTM alumni Katarina Rodriguez and Jodilly Pendre, but she didn’t get in.

When she finally made it to ANTM, she was described by the judges as a “reliable model”. She then bagged ad campaigns for Closeup and became the brand ambassador of Subaru after excelling in photo shoots.

Monika’s competitiveness often became a source of conflict between her and other participants. So she explained her side to the show’s host, Georgina Wilson, during their one-on-one session before the finals. She said, “My eyes are on the prize and not on the other girls.”

 Asia’s Next Top Model
Success doesn’t really pick anyone. It just comes unexpectedly to those who don’t mind their flaws and are determined to fulfill their dreams. Thanks to the ladies on this list who are inspiring other young models through social media, making it big in the modeling industry will seem an attainable task.

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