Ellen Adarna: Fun Facts About Cebu’s Most Sought After Model

Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna is an actress, model, and product endorser. She is best known for her angelic looks and down-to-earth personality. Ellen’s beauty and confidence has garnered her an army of loyal fans that have always followed her in her journey to success. She has also proven to be more than just a pretty face as evidenced by her acting skills in a number of local dramas. Since 2013, Ellen has signed on to work under contract with one of the top entertainment agencies in the Philippines, Star Magic.

A lot of people would definitely want to know more about Ellen Adarna, so here are some interesting facts about this stunning Cebuana model.

Fun Facts About Filipina Model and Actress Ellen Adarna

Filipina Actress

1. Family and social background

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna was born in Cebu City on April 2, 1988. She is not your average model, standing at only 5’1″, but she has one of the most unique faces in the industry. She got her unique looks from her diverse ancestry. Ellen’s father, Allan Modesto Adarna, is Spanish while her mother, Meriam Go, is Filipino-Chinese. She happens to also be the eldest and the only girl among five siblings.

Ellen completed her high school years in St. Theresa’s College in Cebu.

2. Ellen Adarna is a hotel heiress

Hotel Heiress

Ellen’s father is the owner of Queensland Motel, a chain of motels and condominiums in Cebu, Davao, and Manila. She used to work for her father’s business as his secretary and was taught basic housekeeping. There, Ellen learned about the value of money and how to live independently.

The relationship Ellen had with her father was strained when she left for Manila to try her luck in the entertainment industry. But the actress continued to pursue her passion, and her dad eventually grew to accept her life choices.

3. She is not afraid to speak her mind

Filipina Model

If there is one thing Ellen Adarna is most known for, it has to be her blunt personality. Ellen is not afraid to tell it like it is, even if it involves personal information. She has admitted on getting a boob job and has been candid about her party lifestyle. Ellen has appeared in the podcast Good Times with Mo Twister where she talked about her past relationships and enemies in show business.

4. Future plans

Cebuana Actress

Ellen has been enjoying great success in the entertainment industry ever since she joined the business not long ago. But she would like to graduate from college one day with flying colors and once admitted that if given the chance, she wants to study to become an astronaut.

For now, Ellen is focusing on her work as an actress. She has found success in both comedy and drama by starring in Home Sweetie Home and Langit Lupa, television shows that are under ABS-CBN.

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