7 of the Biggest Makeup Mistakes Made by Pinays

Makeup Mistakes

According to Calvin Klein, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

There are times when makeup gives you the confidence you can’t get when your face is bare. However, while makeup can enhance your natural beauty and make you look younger, it can also make you look twice your age when applied inappropriately.

So, below are the greatest makeup mistakes most Filipinas are guilty of and the ways you can avoid them:

1. Mismatched Foundation

Mismatched Foundation
Foundation is often used to cover up blemishes and give you a fine-textured skin for a fresh and a younger look. Everyone knows that a good foundation is something that perfectly matches your skin tone. But, most Filipinas create the blunder of applying foundation that are 2 shades lighter or darker than their skin tone and it becomes visibly manifested by the color of their neck.

Mismatched foundation distinctly makes you look older and unnatural. Instead of hiding your flaws and imperfections, it creates an awful and wrinkled appearance on your face.

How to Avoid:

Choose the right color of foundation for your skin. How would you know if the foundation matches your skin tone or not?

Testing the foundation on your hands or directly on your cheeks is not the way to do it. This is a common mistake Pinays do when choosing the foundation. Your hands have a totally different texture compared to your face and your cheeks are always prone to sun exposure, so it might not have the same color with the rest of your body.

Your jaw line is the best spot to try out foundation. Test at least three colors below your jaw line and distinguish which of them blends perfectly with your skin. It is best to test it in a natural sunlight and not indoor with conditional lighting, as this might affect your judgment.

Liquid foundation also work better than powdered ones as they tend to look more natural on the skin and easier to apply.

2. Heavy Eye Shadow

Heavy Eye Shadow

There is nothing wrong with overdone eyeshadow or colorful eyelids if you are a contestant of Top Model Philippines doing a pictorial for acclaimed fashion designers and renowned cosmetic brands or you are doing a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan, Preview or other high fashion editorial magazines where there is a need for exaggeration.

There are a lot of Filipinas, however, who are widely fond of putting on heavy eye shadow even for a casual day to make their eyes pop and look glamorous. But, putting on heavy makeup generally makes you look wasted instead of being attractive.

It is okay to put on smoky eyes at night or play around with your palettes or experiment with color combinations once in a while, but do not go overboard. Eye shadows are supposed to flatter your eyes and not make you look like a drag queen.

How to Avoid:

Stick to three colors of eye shadows and blend them properly. Go for soft colors and shades of brown to make your eyes look natural. Apply the medium shade on your eyelids, use the lighter tone to highlight the color and make the darkest shade as your liner to give you a polished look.

If you happen to over-apply your shadows, take a clear brush and blend the colors, until they tone down.

If you can’t help but put on striking tints on your lids, steer away from ashy colors and go for chromatic tones instead, such as metallics, pink or purple berries. For those with fair complexion, avoid shades of gray as they makes your eyes look drab.

The color of your eye shadow even when applied properly can also look overdone when it does not complement your eyes. Filipinas are most privileged to have either light brown or dark brown eyes, as this color can pull off almost every color there is in your palette.

Again, you can attempt different colors for your eyes, but always remember the rule of thumb that less is more. And, keep it mind never to match your eye shadow with the color of your dress.

3. Over-Trimmed or Bushy Eyebrows

Bushy Eyebrows

During the 1990s over-trimmed eye brows became a craze that was openly adopted by most Filipinas. While most of the world has been over this trend for a long time now, some Filipinas are stuck with the thought that over-plucked or even fake eye brows are still the rage. As a result, they look rather weird and ancient than stylish.

Likewise, you are not living in the Victorian Era where you have to keep your eye brows untrimmed and bushy to be considered in style. Unless you want to look like Betty La Fea, don’t bother pulling off a neglected brow.

How to Avoid:

Trends come and go, and the best way to stay trendy over the years is to keep it natural.  Balance is the key to have naturally polished eye brows.

If you have bushy brows, do pluck them, but take care not over trim and to not ever lose the natural shape of your brow. If you happen to over-trim your brows before and you want it to go back to its original shape, it is best if seek professional help because the hairs on your brows may be very hard to grow back.

The color of your eye brows would most likely affect your general appearance. Choose the best color of eyebrow pencil that would complement your hair. Most Filipinas have dark or brunette hair, so it is best that you go for a color that is one shade lighter than your hair. However, if you are naturally blonde, choose a pencil color that is one shade darker. And, always practice the right way of applying your eyebrow pencil by drawing it from arch to tail.

4. Forcing a High-Bridged Nose

Forcing a High-Bridged Nose
Some Pinays fancy the looks of western women who have longer, well-shaped noses compared to native Asians. Western people look quite attractive and beautiful for Filipinas, which is one of the reasons contour make up is very common among those who adore the western standards of beauty.

Contouring your nose to make it appear longer can actually help you achieve a better look, but when overdone, it will make your nose look bizarre and fake.

How to Avoid:

Nose contouring can be very tricky and you have to learn the art of doing it right. Start off by using a small but precise brush when applying your contour cream or powder. And, when you apply it to your nose, keep it light. Know the proper placement of the powder and do the contouring according to the shape of your nose. It is also best for you to master the art of blending any type of makeup application for this.

But, if there is really no need to get your nose contoured and you look just as fabulous with your natural shape, then do not attempt to create a high-bridged nose. If you have to, then have a professional do it for you.

5. Wrong Lipstick Formula

Wrong Lipstick Formula
Lipstick is the commonly used makeup by Filipinas who are always on the go. But, do you know the simple act of adding a hue to your lips can make or break your look?

The top lipstick application misstep that most Filipinas are guilty of is skipping the lip liner. Like salt and pepper, a lipstick without a lip liner can make your lips look flat and causes your lipstick to easily fade out at the edges.  Overdoing the lip liner is another thing.

Wearing the wrong color is another common mistake most Pinays commit. Generally, modern Filipinas have thin lips and the idea of wearing dark-colored lipsticks or applying it heavily to make the lips appear poutier and fuller is a myth, especially as you age. Sad to say, most Filipinas fall victim to this concept, which eventually results in smudges on the teeth.

How to Avoid:

Lip Liners
Lip liners add crispiness and volume to your lips by holding your lipstick longer, so do not attempt to bypass the use of lip liners if you don’t want your colors to wear away easily. Draw your line just above your natural lip line and pick a shade that would match your lipstick.

It is a grave fashion faux pas to pair dark liners with light-colored lipsticks like what the Spice Girls used to do. It was so in the nineties and just doesn’t look appropriate at this time.

Lipstick Colors
For most Filipinas with thin lips, lighter shades are highly recommended by experts as they tend to make your lips appear fuller. If you have thick lips, you can go for one shade darker to tone it down. Red lipstick is universal, but before wearing it you have to make sure it complements your skin tone.

Like any other makeup products, you have to try on lipsticks before using them. Do not trust the colors you see in photos or in the catalogue. It is best to try the lipstick on before you buy one. You can also wear matte colors and add just a little gloss in the center for a polished finish or go for sheer colors as it works with almost every skin tone and shapes of faces.

Lipsticks, like eye shadows, should also complement the color of your eyes. And just like with the eye shadows, Filipinas with brown eyes are much advantaged to get away with almost any lipstick color there is.

Improper Application of Blush

Improper Application of Blush

Your blusher plays a very great role in achieving an over-all brighter complexion. Wearing blush brings back the radiance of a younger skin when applied properly. On the other hand, it can also add years to your face when you choose the wrong color or when it is not blended smoothly and properly.

Filipinas are a little less concerned about the right way of applying blush onto the cheeks. Most Pinays put blush on the wrong spot and more often than not will not even bother to blend it. You cannot just sprinkle blush on your face and expect to get rosy cheeks, you should know better than to look like a clown.

How to Avoid:

Putting on blush will not guarantee for you to have doll-like cheeks, so you have to learn the techniques on how to apply it properly. Start by knowing the right angle to put your blush on and do this according to the shape of your face.

If you have a round-shaped face, put on your blush from the upper part of your cheeks to your temple. If you have a diamond or squared shaped face, stroke your brush horizontally across your cheeks.

For an elongated or oval face, however, the blush should be spread into a curve under your cheekbones.

As a general rule, always start applying your blusher at the highest point of your cheekbone and brush it in an upward, circular motion to make your face look slimmer. Avoid applying it too close to your nose or going too far from your cheekbone.

In choosing the right color for your blush, make sure to avoid the matte finish, glittery and bright colored blushes as they will look unnatural on your face. Also stay away from dark shades, as these will make your face look sullen. Go for colors that are similar to your natural flush, instead like rosy or neutral shades.

Lastly, give attention to your brush and make sure it is clean. You don’t want to leave streaks of blush or distinct pigmentation on your face.

Wearing Colorful Contact Lenses

Wearing Colorful Contact Lenses
As a Filipina, you are very fortunate to have brown or dark-colored eyes.  You can wear any shade of eye shadow or put on any color of lipstick in moderation, still look natural and sophisticated. But, then again, with western beauties smiling from almost every page of magazines and showing up on every television station, some Filipinas have the tendency to push the boundaries and turn their eyes into different colors other than dark brown.

Blue eyes with dark or tanned skin are just plain weird and unnatural. You are actually getting the wrong attention, if you think that wearing blue or green contact lenses makes you look adorable.

How to Avoid:

Unless you plan to join a Cosplay competition or show up for a Halloween show or attend a themed party where the need for superficial eyes is required, you have to stop wearing colorful contact lenses.

You can always make your eyes stunning by putting on the right shades of eye shadow and applying an appropriate amount of mascara on your lashes. These are sure-fire ways to go for a natural and younger appearance.

Always remember that beauty comes from inside out. And, there is no better way to bring it out than to wear makeup that will make you look natural and boost your self esteem, not to alter you into someone else.

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