7 Tips on How to Look Stylish without Trying Too Hard

How to Look Stylish

Wonder how those fashion icons pull off a white-shirt-and-jeans ensemble and still look awesome? Make your simple pieces appear expensive and be chic with these seven tips on how to look stylish without knocking yourself out.

Have a Signature Look

Signature Look
Teen actress Kathryn Bernardo always has to go with jogger jeans when she has TV appearances and guestings. Marian Rivera, on the other hand, is a synonym to floral pieces. Know your signature style, so when you find yourself dressing on the dot, you are ready.

Do Not Overaccessorize

Don't Overaccessorize
Layering bracelets and necklaces are in, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear them especially when the pieces do not complement each other. Most of the time, less is actually more, so keep it classy and minimal; otherwise, refrain from wearing one if it doesn’t fit at all.

Experiment with Your Key Pieces

Experiment your Clothes
You can wear the same button-down shirt over and over again, and no one will even notice it as long as you know how to play with it. Today, you can button it all the way to your neck and leave it loose in the bottom. The next day, you can wear it half-tucked and with the first few buttons opened, and the day after, you can layer on tanks underneath.

Wear Control Underwear

Control Underwear
Whether you have derrieres like Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, control underwear is a staple for every woman. It keeps you in shape, hides your unnecessary lumps, works a miracle on making your butt appear a little bigger, and makes your dress seamless.

Wear High Heels

<High Heels
Everybody knows high heels make you look an inch taller and a little slimmer, especially pointed-toe heels. High heels also help you look and walk sexier compared to when you’re wearing flats.

Leave Something Undone

Half-Tucked Buttoned Shirt
Sometimes, a little crimp on your top looks more polished than a crisp one, and a half-tucked buttoned shirt looks sexier than going all in.

Find a Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration
If you have an eye on elegant and feminine pieces, you can try to check out Olivia Palermo’s street style ensemble. If you love boho fashion, you can probably follow Vanessa Hudgens on Instagram. Find a fashion inspiration, but make sure not to lose your personal branding.

You can be as chic as you can possibly be by following these simple tips without spraining your budget or trying to fit in all trends into one look.

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