Andrew Sotomayor’s Top Tricks on How to Put on Makeup

Andrew Sotomayor

Need an upgrade on your makeup skills this summer? Pay attention to these tips and tricks from American-Mexican beauty expert Andrew Sotomayor, and you might just realize something that you never thought would be substantial on creating that one perfect look.

On Proper Brush Handling

Proper Brush Handling
Holding the brush on the tip when applying foundation creates a subtler look and a more natural finish.

On Applying Loose Powders

Applying Loose Powders
If you think it is safe to put on loose powders anytime with your palms to blur blemishes, think again. Andrew recommends multipurpose and contour brushes to powder the T-zone of your face and make your eyes pop.

On Putting On Concealer

Putting On Concealer
When putting on concealer, use your finger to tap in thin layers of the product under your eyes and finish it with a concealer brush to wane out edges.

On Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes
It is essentially important to clean brushes after use, but Andrew has some tricks on how to clean your tools thoroughly. He suggested on rolling a drop of waterproof eye makeup remover on your brush  and rinse to wash away bits of the old makeup. Then crimp a drop of facial wash and rinse again.

On Filling Your Eyebrows

Filling your Eyebrows
Andrew does not recommend filling your brows with a single hue. In coloring your eyebrows, start with brushing a lighter shade with angled eyeliner on your entire brow.

Put on deeper shade with a pointed eyeliner brush on your arch and fill in the bare areas of your brows. Finish it with a brow gel or a mascara wand to blend colors evenly.

On Applying Eyeliners

Applying Eyeliners
Applying eyeliners is like holding a pen while doing your signature. Stretch your fingers and ensure that your hand is not blocking your reflection. Press and drag the side of the eyeliner’s point and not the tip of the pencil so you can have more control while drawing the lines.

On Layering a Lip Liner

Layering a Lip Liner
Fill your entire lips with lip liner before applying lipstick to make the color last longer, and make sure they are one shade darker than your nude lipstick. Choose a lip liner with the same color of your lips to trace your lip line and create more volume.

Simple but real treasures, aren’t they? We are so glad that an award-winning celebrity makeup artist like Andrew Sotomayor willingly walked us through with his makeup secrets for a more dramatic look without giving us a run for our money.

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