5 Fashion Blogs You Should Definitely Check Out

Fashion Blogs

No skill is learned overnight. Stars and geniuses aren’t born, after all; they’re made. Same thing goes when it comes to fashion. Creating the best ensemble requires knowledge and experience with all types of clothes. It isn’t easy to mix and match pieces, and for beginners, fashion blogs are what they turn to for inspiration and ideas.

In the modern era, a lot of fashion icons take advantage of the power of the Web to influence people and share some style tips and tricks. How? Through fashion blogs.

5 Fashion Blogs You Should Visit Now

Here are five of the top fashion blogs run by Filipino models and fashion icons that you can take inspiration from.

1. Scenestealer


Run by Lissa Kahayon, an entrepreneur and freelance stylist, Scenestealer tackles everything, from fashion to travel and fitness. Oftentimes, Lissa combines travel and fashion and talks about the outfits she wore in her trip and why you should try adopting the same style. The theme of the blog and the way Lissa tells a story make Scenestealer one of the best fashion blogs to visit.

2. DG Manila

DG Manila

Need some pieces of advice on men’s fashion? David Guison‘s DG Manila is the blog for you. David loves sharing some outfit ideas and what style to go with if you’re going on a road trip or a beach outing. DG Manila is also about reliving trends and discussing new releases from big-name brands, so if you’re up for all that, you should bookmark this blog.

3. A Blog by Vern and Verniece

A Blog by Vern and Verniece

Sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso love doing things they haven’t done before and that includes traveling to places they’ve never been to and trying activities they find scary. Through their blog, the siblings also share the outfit they believe you should go with if you’re going to a certain country. In one post, they shared about their experience of going denim for a week and talked about the style trends that are fit for the summer season in another.

Travel experience and fashion ideas aren’t the only thing you will find on A Blog of Vern and Verniece, as the Encisos also love sharing their personal stories and future plans.

4. Thirstythought


Created by author Kryz Uy, Thirstythought is home to almost everything—style tips, travel ideas, fashion trends, and even makeup tutorials! Started in 2009, Thirstythought was first launched as Kryz’s output for a school project, but the writer loved blogging so much that she decided to keep it active. Eight years later, Thirtstythought is still here to provide fashion enthusiasts with new ideas and some tricks on how to pull different styles off.

5. Break My Style

Break My Style

Probably one of the most recognizable names on the list, Laureen Uy has always been known as the equally gorgeous sister of makeup artist to the star Liz Uy. But Laureen has slowly made a name for herself thanks to her popular blog, Break My Style. For those looking for beauty tips, Break My Style has video tutorials you can binge-watch. One with a good eye for style, Laureen also puts up lookbooks, the latest being her New Zealand, NYC, and NYFW photograph collection, through which she shared the ensemble that is perfect for big events.

Blogging is no piece of cake; starting fashion blogs is hard but maintaining it is harder. But for these bloggers, it’s all about loving what you do. So if you’re running out of inspiration, these are the local fashion blogs you should definitely check out.

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