Ghoulish Makeup Looks to Recreate This Halloween

ghoulish makeup

These days, Halloween is not just for the kids, as even the adults can also get in on the fun. While trick-or-treating might not be fit for us anymore, there’s no reason why we can’t join all the Halloween costume fun. Even if you’re not exactly at a Heidi Klum-level who has all the resources and time to put together the perfect outfit that will shock and astound people at the biggest and most glamorous Halloween parties, you can still come up with a look that’s both amazing and terrifying. All it takes is a bit of practice. Here are some ghoulish makeup looks that you can recreate this Halloween.

Ghoulish Makeup Looks to Put On This Spooky Season

Optical Illusion


If you’re highly skilled at applying makeup, then this ghoulish makeup look will be something that you can probably pull off. It’s a look that takes a bit of time to perfect, but if you do it perfectly, you’ll be sure to make everyone at the party do a double take. You can make it seem as though you have four eyes or as though your mouth is really long. It’s such a unique look that it will make people want to really look at you in trying to figure out where your real features are. While it can be hard pulling off this look, one advantage to it is that you can be sure nobody else will have that look too, at least for the most part.



The vampire look is such a common ghoulish makeup look during Halloween that’s it’s practically a staple at many Halloween parties. You can choose to attend any Halloween party in town, and chances are you’ll find somebody who’s dressed as a vampire. But who says you can’t add a twist to this look and make it up to date with the times? It’s time to ditch the tacky vampire fake teeth and traditional black lipstick. Instead, you can opt for plump red lips, a face full of blue veins, and red contact lenses to complete the look.



Among the many outlandish Halloween ideas out there, the werewolf makeup look really stands out because of its beautiful and intricate details. There are three key features to this look: dark smokey eyes, thick statement brows, and a bold vampy look. Pull this ghoulish makeup look off and you’re guaranteed to be the star of any ghoulish event you’ll be attending.

Barbie Clown 


Cass Lloyd

If you’re a girl who’s not that keen on completely going to the “dark side,” there is a way you can remain your feminine self while still keeping in line with the scary, edgy theme of Halloween. A pretty-in-pink, sparking clown look both have elements of the feminine and the scary. If you’re not quite ready to ditch your usual glamorous and girly look and try this ghoulish makeup style on Halloween, this is perfect for you. 



This look is not so much Ariel in The Little Mermaid but more like the traditional mermaids of the original legends, which portrayed mermaids to be sometimes benevolent but oftentimes malevolent beings who were able to cause storms and shipwrecks. It was often said that if you got on the bad side of these creatures, it would be the end for you. You can recreate this look for the party by simulating scales on your face and neck with the help of iridescent powder. Add fishnet tights, pointy false teeth, and fancy gems and you’ll be able to complete this beautiful but terrifying ghoulish makeup look.

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