Stunning Hair Color Shades That Complement Morena Skin

Hair Color Shades

Whether you go for bright colors, bleached blonde hair, or a gray ombre, there are just so many reasons to try out trendy shades! But if you are not in the mood to break out of your comfort zone, then you can always go for hair color shades that are expert-approved for your skin tone.

Matching your hair to your skin tone will give you an instant glow. So for every fellow morena out there looking for that perfect shade, you have come to the right place. Here are a few ideas.

Hair Color Shades for Morena Skin Tones

1. Mahogany Brown Hair

Mahogany Brown Hair Color Shades
Mahogany brown is a deep reddish brown shade. Subtly adding in a bit of red to your hair will instantly brighten all types of skin tones. It is a perfect shade for those who want to go bright without looking overdone. If you have naturally brunette hair, then you can consider warming it with mahogany brown to add more depth to your locks.

2. Chocolate Brown Hair

Chocolate Brown Hair Color Shades

One thing that people can’t help but notice in Can’t Help Falling in Love actress Kathryn Bernardo is her signature brown locks. The stunning morena actress sticks to brown hair color shades that perfectly complement her medium-warm skin tone. Cool mocha tones and dark chocolate shades are great options. But if you wish to add a pop of color, then you can go for bright highlights to look flawless for the summer!

3. Dark Brown to Black

Ylona Garcia Hairstyle

Shiny dark brown to black hair color shades look awesome against cool-toned morena skin. Some people may already have these shades as their natural hair color. If this happens to be the case for you, then count your lucky stars as it means your hair is safe from the damage that harmful chemicals of hair dye may cause.

4. Rich Red

Rich Red Hair Color Shades

If you really want to go bold but without the crazy commitment, then you can always dye your hair a rich, velvety red. Remember when actress KC Concepcion dyed her hair to this shade a few years ago? A lot of girls began jumping on the bandwagon too! Warm red will instantly give you the mermaid vibes you’ve always been dreaming of. The ideal hue for morena girls is medium velvet.

The bottom is that morena skin—or any other skin tone for that matter—can look great with all types of hair color. All you need is confidence to rock the look and commitment to maintain healthy-looking hair. If you feel like going with any of the shades mentioned above, great! Keep a happy and confident aura to look great no matter what color you choose.

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