Jessica Yang Receives Star Model Award at 2018 Asia Model Festival

Star Model Awardee Jessica Yang

The 2018 Asia Model Festival has kicked off, and this time, the event is awarding models from different countries all over Asia for the work they’ve done. And this year, Taiwanese model Jessica Yang flew to Seoul, South Korea, as the Philippines’ representative. When asked about the event, Yang said, “I’m not Filipino by blood, but in my heart, I am Filipino.”

Jessica Yang Selected as PH Representative at 2018 Asia Model Festival

Art Personas and Face of the Philippines chose Yang as the Philippine awardee, a decision that still leaves the young model overwhelmed with happiness.

She shared, “I was screaming in my heart! When you do good, and then someone rewards you . . . it’s like a big ‘Yes, you did great!’”

Jessica Yang

When the news about the event reached Yang, she couldn’t help but feel honored for having been chosen as the representative of a country that has helped shape her career as a model. “I got a call, and they said I’m gonna represent Philippines to receive the award . . . so it’s not like I went for a competition. There was one girl and one boy from the Philippines, they joined the competition, but I was there for the award.”

But the road to victory was not all that smooth for Jessica Yang. She admitted to having been rejected at first because of her nationality.

“So the award is for Asia, so there are different countries joining and everything so every country has one representative. This year, it was me, but then they actually rejected me at first. They said, ‘She’s not Filipino! She’s Taiwanese. She cannot receive this award for the Philippines.'”

But with the help of Art Personas, the stunner was able to defend receiving the award for PH.

“All my career is here so it doesn’t make sense that I will be representing Taiwan,” Yang quipped.

A model for more than ten years now, Jessica Yang first got into modeling after a college professor encouraged her to try it. It was in 2007, and the same professor even told her parents about it and got them to agree to have Jessica Yang try out for some modeling gig.

Now the gorgeous model has been the face of several campaigns and has graced the pages of numerous magazines including Preview and Metro.

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