10 Local Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Local Bloggers

A decade ago, a fashion brand relied on a supermodel or actress to showcase their clothes in order to create a riot among avid style watchers. The trends have truly changed with time as we now can look up to women of all body types as style inspirations. This is all thanks to social media. While we’ll probably never get to replace the likes of Kate Moss or Brooke Shields, at least we now have a variety of body shapes and sizes courtesy of our very own local bloggers.

With social media being widely used in the Philippines, it is only fitting to come up with a list that featured the best local bloggers to ever emerge in the photo- and video-sharing site Instagram. So if you happen to be on the prowl for the next style star to obsess over, then we have you covered. Listed below are the most popular Filipina bloggers from Instagram that you should be following today.

Enjoy and feel free to double-tap away!

10. Tricia Gosingtian

Instagram: @tgosingtian

Tricia Gosingtian

As one of the premier bloggers of the Philippines and even the world, it is only fitting to include Tricia on this list. Not only does she exude such impeccable style but she’s got an Instagram layout that is enough for you to go: #feedgoals. Tricia has been in the business for quite a while now, and she is about to take a very big step in her life as she is set to tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend. We’re sure she is going to be one stylish bride!

9. Kryz Uy

Instagram: @kryzzzie

Kryz UyWhile we are on the topic of top beauty and lifestyle bloggers, we can’t just exclude this pretty chinita from Cebu who is undeniably one of the most beautiful faces in the business. Kryz definitely has it all: the looks, top-notch style, fitness goals, a stunning feed, and a cute boyfriend! She even makes sure to bring her followers with her as she travels the world and around the country.

8. Laureen Uy

Instagram: @laureenmuy

Laureen Uy

Much like her older sister Liz, Laureen has been making waves in the local fashion industry. Her Instagram account showcases her signature laid-back style mixed with her fun adventures while traveling the globe. Another fun fact about this cute blogger: Liz is into mobile games like PokemonGo, so if you happen to enjoy the game, then you’ll fall in love with Liz and her ultra cute Pokemon photos as well!

7. Cheyser Pedregosa

Instagram: @cheyzmeister

Cheyser Pedregosa

This morena beauty will inspire you to embrace your inner boho chic with her free-spirited attitude and detox lifestyle. Cheyser definitely deserves more followers than she already has, so if you happen to be on the site, then maybe it’s time to hit the Follow button on this gal. Not only will you get to marvel at her photos and come along in her everyday journey, but you might just learn a thing or two about Cheyser’s exercise and diet regime.

6. Kookie Buhain

Instagram: @kookiebuhain

Kookie BuhainKookie is not afraid to take fashion risks and showcase her rock-and-roll style. In the city, you can tell by her snaps that her style is a cross between edgy and chic. But as Kookie wanders off the grid, she doesn’t hesitate to morph into a more laid-back look.

5. Melissa Gatchalian

Instagram: @sartorialpanda

Melissa Gatchalian

Aside from her eye-catching name, Melissa also has one of the most creative Instagram feeds. She photo-blogs everything from drool-worthy food to art pieces. Melissa sees to it that her followers get a taste of her travel adventures as well, and she has taken the most stunning shots around the world.

4. Patricia Prieto

Instagram: @patriciaprieto

Patricia Prieto

Patricia has been part of the fashion blogging scene for quite some time now. She began her career as a model and has now a couple of styling gigs under her belt. So when it comes to having a keen eye for fashion, you know Patricia is your girl. Her Instagram feed showcases an abundance of stylish adventures and enviable #OOTDs that she makes sure to share to her followers.

3. Camie Juan

Instagram: @camiejuan

Camie Juan

Camie is definitely the most naturally beautiful blogger on this list. Most of her eye-popping features are accentuated in her occasional selfies. So those who want to take the perfect self shot can take a cue from Camie, because it’s all about the right lighting and angles! Aside from her good looks, Camie has a stunning Instagram feed that usually showcases her nomadic travels around the globe with her longtime boyfriend.

2. Aubrey Daquinag

Instagram: @theloveassembly

Aubrey Daquinag

Not only is Aubrey stylish, but she is a globetrotter as well! Her feed is enough to make you feel like you are on a journey with her, and it’s all wrapped in a neat, polished look. Aubrey even made sure to throw in a stylish username to match her love for all things colorful and bright.

1. Camille Co

Instagram: @itscamilleco

Camille Co

Camille has to be the undisputed queen of fashion blogging, so if you have not heard of her, now is the right time to follow this stylish gal. Camille’s personal style extends to her personal Instagram page and she makes sure to cater to her followers by posting well-polished photos of her travel and everyday life. Camille’s aesthetic clearly includes an array of pastel colors and geometric shapes, which complement her overall page. As far as local bloggers go, Camille is truly up on her game.

Do you want to have your own eye-popping Instagram page? You can start by polishing your feed first. Think of a theme that you would like to have and go for it. One reason Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites is because it is a platform for people to tell their personal stories. So dive into your inner train of creative thoughts and you are bound to get an idea from there. While you’re at it, you might want to draw in an inspiration or two from all the stylish gals featured on this list.

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