The 10 Secrets to Wearing Flats

Types of Flats

Flats are few of the most comfortable footwears in the planet, but sometimes, they can be the most unflattering shoes you could ever have, especially when you are only five feet tall.

So how can you make yourself look chic without breaking out of your comfort zone? Here are some of the secret ways to do that:

 1. Show a Pop of Color

Pop of Color
Let your flats do the talking. A pop of color on your feet would be a great fashion statement when you want to keep your outfit in a low key.

2. Give It a Touch of Personality

Touch of Personality
Just because fringes and tassels are in this summer doesn’t mean you have to have one of those fringed sandals too. If your heart goes out to bows and floral, you can always go for them. Remember that a little personality defines who you are, so if the trend is not your style, give it a rest and wear only what you believe would look best on you.

3. Coordinate with Lengths

Coordinate with Lengths
Consider the length of your skirt before you wear your flats. Midi dress and maxi skirts look better with open-toe flats and sandals while mini skirt and bodycon outfits look class in closed ones.

4. Less Is More

Less Is More
When your flats are too colorful, downplay your wardrobe with neutrals and outfit with the same shade and steer away from extreme fashion accessories like bling-bling, chandelier earpieces, and layered bracelets.

5. Remember that Pants Matter

Pants Matter
When you want to look taller than you are while wearing flats, you need to choose a pair of pants that would do the job for you. Skinny jeans and trousers would be great to create an illusion of leaner legs and longer thighs, but they should also complement with your hips.

6. Go for Timeless Flats

Timeless Flats
When in doubt, go for classic flats. Forget gladiator sandals when they can only make you shorter than you appear; don’t go for mandals if they are not your kind of sandals.

7. Wear Them on Right Occasions

Wearing Flats Tip

When you find yourself walking for Vanity Fair or Oscar’s red carpet, it’s a no-brainer that you should be in heels. Wear them in the right places and for the right reasons.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Take Risks
Classic flat shoes may be made to beat the current trends, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick all the way to classics. You will never know a pair of oxford shoes is all it needs to take to elevate your rather casual look.

9. Choose to Be Comfortable

Be Comfortable
Christian Louboutin hates it when someone tells him that his shoes are so comfortable, but don’t confuse loubs and high heels with flats. When you choose to wear flats over heels, it only means you value comfort more than style, so go ahead. Wear only what makes you feel comfortable. What else are clothes for, right?

10. Wear Something That Goes with Everything

Choosing Shoes
Unless you are collecting shoes, you should be practical enough to choose that pair of shoes that fits all. Think about something that you can wear when you wear skirt or pants, or something that goes with your colorful wardrobe the same way it complements with your neutral pieces.

Don’t ever think flats are less modish than heels. These little fashion secrets would prove that comfort and style do come in one package.

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