The Prettiest Flip-Flops You Must Have This Summer


It is the time of the year when our feet are itching to feel the sands between our toes. So put aside your heels and sneakers and prepare your shoeboxes for a load of trendy slippers and pretty soles this summer with these adorable flops from the top brands in the country.

Slim Paisage from Havaianas

Slim Paisage
There is nothing more summery than having this slim paisage slippers from Havaianas. Everything about this looks so summery and feminine you certainly cannot resist taking them with you to the beach.

Black Surf Soles from Havaianas

Black Surf Soles
Enjoy summer as it is with these black surf slippers from Havaianas. A perfect match for a woman’s slim paisage pair, these slippers are made for the same calling this season.

Preston/Mexican Pink from Banana Peel

Preston/Mexican Pink
This pair of watermelon-inspired soles is designed for men with stylish and active lifestyle.

Candymint from Banana Peel

If men can have watermelons on their foot, Banana Peel made sure women get the same kind of fun with this candy mint–colored flops.

Superjelly Sandals from Fit Flop

Superjelly Sandals
FitFlop brings a comfortable pair of sandals this season with their superjelly sandals that make tired feet feel amazing. True enough, they do make wonders because by just simply looking at it, you would feel relaxed.

Surfer in Textile by FitFlop

Surfer in Textile
This classic men’s wear from FitFlop is simple but sporty. They call this unbeatable on the beach.

Ipanema’s Maxi Fashion

Maxi Fashion
Pastels are every girl’s favorite that is why Ipanema is bringing pastels and bows together with their slippers, along with cute floral prints to bring beauty to your summer getaway.

Clas Urbana Masc from Ipanema

Clas Urbana Masc
Ipanema’s clas urbana masc soles are the perfect masculine approach to summer. It’s black-and-white, and it is suitable for every man who doesn’t want to look too fancy during sunny days.

Classic Flip Flops from Old Navy

Classic Flip Flops
A pair of neon soles will always stay on trend every season of the year in a country like Philippines, and Old Navy never missed the opportunity to create an all-time favorite flip-flop with these classic soles that are selling like hot cakes.

Men’s Printed Flip-Flops from Old Navy

Men’s Printed Flip-Flops
If this doesn’t want you go surfing, no slippers could ever make you do. This Old Navy printed slippers are so classic in every way yet would be a good choice to be worn this summer.
Stay stylish and trendy but comfortable in the beach with these flip-flops and summer sandals for you and your buddy.

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