Tips on How to Keep Your Swimwear Look Brand-New

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Unlike your other wardrobes, swimwears are made of different materials that might require more careful handling when it comes to washing and storing. Unless you treat your swimming suits disposable after each use, then you should start taking care of them now.

Here is your definitive guide to keeping your swimwear good as new even after the first use.

Learn to Preserve the Color

Preserve the Color
Do not wear your swimwear right after you purchase it. If you want your piece to last longer, treat it with vinegar and water solution before you go out in the sun as it tends to hold the colors longer than normal.

Take a Shower Before and After Swimming

Swimwear Care Tips
When you take your shower before soaking your suit, you wash away your body oils, dirt, and unnecessary residues that will likely stick to your swimwear. When you take shower with your swimsuit on after your swim, it takes away the chlorine or saltwater off the fabric.

Stay Out of Rough Surfaces

Stay Out of Rough Surfaces
It’s a principal rule to stay away from rough surfaces whether you are wearing a swimsuit or a gown as it might snag the materials of your outfit and ruin its texture.

Hand Wash Over Machines

Hand Wash
Most swimwears have pads and are usually made of elastic straps, and washing them on machines would ruin the fit and damage the linings of your suit.

Remove Stains with Vinegar or Baking Soda

Removing Stains
Vinegars and baking sodas can be very helpful in the kitchen as it is with your laundry. They are as effective as your chlorine when removing the stains off your suit, except that they do not discolor your clothes like chlorine does.

Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse Thoroughly
When you put on too much lotion and oil on your body, it might cause damages to your swimsuits; thus, make sure to rinse and wash your suit thoroughly as you can.

Do Not Hang Them Under the Sun

Don't Hang Under the Sun
Lay it flat in a shaded and well-ventilated area instead of hanging them to dry them out. Clipping them directly under the sunlight stretches out its elastic fibers and causes the colors to fade out faster.

Taking care of your swimwear is as easy as ABC. So go ahead and try these simple steps that make great wonder in keeping your swimsuits look brand-new every time you take them out from your closet.

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