YouTube Beauty Gurus That You Should Definitely Subscribe To

Since YouTube sensation Michelle Phan exploded to the scene during the late 2000s, an influx of YouTube beauty gurus began emerging everywhere. Their influence has definitely changed the beauty and makeup industry for good. Now women—and men—can recreate a variety of looks thanks to these talented gurus. What makes them even more amazing is that not all of them are professional makeup artists!

Here are seven YouTube beauty gurus that you should definitely check out.

The Best YouTube Beauty Gurus to Watch

1. Lisa Eldridge (Lisa Eldridge)

Lisa Eldridge, YouTube Beauty Gurus

Kicking off this list is London-based professional makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. Her client base includes Katy Perry, Emma Watson, Lily Collins, and Kate Winslet. Despite the fact that Eldridge can be considered the real deal, her makeup looks are incredibly simple to recreate. So if you’re looking for someone who can provide easy, clean, and chic tutorials, then go check this guru’s channel out.

2. Shannon Harris (Shaanxo)

Shaanxo, Shannon Harris

New Zealand–based style blogger Shannon Harris is one of the most popular YouTube beauty gurus in the whole world. Back in 2013, Harris launched her own makeup line called xoBeauty, which comprises of lashes and professional makeup brushes. She also collaborated with BH Cosmetics to launch an affordable makeup palette that rivals that of Kylie Cosmetics (without the ridiculous price tag, of course).

3. Kathleen Fuentes (KathleenLights)

Kathleen Lights, YouTube

Kathleen Fuentes has accumulated more than 3 million subscribers since she opened her channel in 2013. She is known for her down-to-earth personality and wearable makeup looks. But this doesn’t mean Kathleen is boring! Her videos are filled with a lot of humor that it almost feels like you’re talking to your best friend.

Kathleen has collaborated with a number of makeup brands such as Colourpop, Ofra, and Makeup Geek. She also recently launched a nail polish collection called KL Polish, you can check it out here.

4. Patrick Simondac (Patrick Starrr)

Patrick Starrr, YouTube beauty gurus

Filipino-American beauty expert Patrick Simondac makes the most entertaining YouTube videos you’ll ever see. His products may be a little up there when it comes to price point, but every once in a while, Patrick does reach out to drugstore and high-street makeup.

Patrick’s style is perfect for those looking to go glam with dramatic eyeliner and overdrawn lips. He also makes a couple of vlogs, documenting his business and vacation trips around the world.

5. Samantha Chapman (Pixiwoo)

Samantha Chapman, Pixiwoo

You might know Samantha Chapman for her line of affordable drugstore makeup brushes, Real Techniques. Together with her sister Nicola, Samantha has produced more than 500 videos for her channel, Pixiwoo. They do everything from makeup tutorials to beauty reviews. The sisters are also conducting makeup courses over at the their Norwich studio.

6. Nikkie de Jager (Nikkietutorials)

NikkieTutorials, Makeup guru

At 22 years old, Dutch makeup guru Nikkie de Jager is the youngest on this list. But despite that, she has risen to become the queen of YouTube beauty gurus. Nikkie really got mainstream attention after posting the now-viral “Power of Makeup” video. This paved way for a collaboration with Too Faced to create a palette of the same name.

7. Lauren Curtis (Lauren Curtis)

Lauren Curtis, beauty guru

Lauren Curtis is the number one beauty guru in Australia. She has over 2.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel thanks to her spunky personality and stylish makeup tutorials. Curtis does everything from hair tutorials to style vlogs. She’s also a great role model for young girls as she teaches them to be confident about themselves.

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