A Concise Look Into the Types of Modeling Jobs

Types of Modeling Jobs

The demand for modeling jobs has spiked for the past 5 years, as businesses continue to hire more models for their advertising and promotional campaigns. So, if you want to break into this growing industry and pursue the career of your dreams, you should understand your goals and know where to start.

Before anything else, you have to increase your knowledge about the industry and first thing you need to learn is the types of jobs available to you. With this, you will be able to establish which field you want to be in and work your way towards achieving your objective.

1. Commercial Print Modeling

Commercial Print Modeling
Commercial modeling promotes products and services through advertisements. Sometimes referred to as “real people modeling”, this type of modeling is not about glamour or high- fashion and it is not as heavily regulated when it comes to physical attributes. Models in this field usually look like an average person, who can act and portray a certain character or convey a specific lifestyle.

There are a lot of commercial print models turned celebrities who are now making waves in Hollywood like Jennifer Lawrence, who starred in MTV’s Super Sweet 16 commercial.


Commercial modeling is usually the first step of the ladder for models waiting for their break into fashion modeling. In general, models in this category do not have a high fee compared to fashion models, but they can still get around $ 2,000 for every commercial.


Commercial models have to be at least 5’6” for females and 5’9” for males. There is no specific age as long as you can meet the requirements of a certain campaign and must be able to express different emotions in promoting the brand.

2. Promotional Modeling

Promotional models are commercial models primarily hired to bring higher sales and more leads on a promotional campaign for specific products or services. There are 2 types of promotional modeling and these are spokesmodeling and trade show or conventional modeling.


Spokesmodels are those hired to speak in behalf of a company or product. However, not all spokesmodels are expected to verbally advertise the brand. They can be employed to represent and be associated with a promoted product or brand.

The Marlboro Man, which is said to be the most brilliant advertisement campaigns of all time, is a perfect example of spokesmodeling. It features a rugged man portrayed in a variety of roles connected with the Marlboro cigarette.

Trade Show Modeling

Trade Show Modeling
Trade show models are responsible for drawing the participants to a show and providing basic information about the brand they are promoting. This may include handing out marketing materials, gathering customer information for future purposes, doing demonstrations, generating excitement for live events, and basically acting as spokespeople.

Las Vegas is a famous hub for trade show models.  Home to three of the ten largest convention centers and one of the top tourist destinations in the world, the city is one of the best places to develop a trade show modeling career.


Promotional models normally earn $15 to $30 per hour. But for trade shows though, you can usually earn $200 up to $1,000 for just one show.


To become a promotional model, you have to be attractive and possess great personality. But, in general, physical requirements can vary according to the brand or services being promoted.

Trade show models, however, need to be persuasive and must be familiar about the products they are promoting to be able to communicate effectively to the participants and attendees of the show.

3. Glamour Modeling

Glamour Modeling
Glamour modeling is highly based on a sexual theme. This includes modeling in calendars and in men’s magazines, wearing lingerie and bikinis as well as modeling in music videos. It may involve nudity or semi-nudity, but not in a pornographic way.

One of the successful names in the glamour industry is Pamela Anderson. This sensational model, who now lives in a mansion in Malibu California, started out as a glamour model and a show girl. She appeared many times in the famous Playboy magazine before landing a role in the famous Baywatch TV series.


In glamour modeling, one can make over $100,000 a year. But, on average, nude models can earn $600, while adult catalog models can earn up to $4,000 a day.


Beauty and a beautiful body are the main prerequisites for glamour modeling. Ideally, you would need to have the statistics of 34-24-26 and should be above 18 years old. You should also be seductive, open minded and proud of your body.

4. Fashion Modeling

Fashion modeling is the most distinguished among all types of modeling jobs. Fashion models usually promote clothing, accessories and beauty products to help create public interest. They can either be a runway model or catalog/print model. Most of the time, print models can also work on the runway.


Runway Modeling

Runway Modeling
If commercial models are “real people” models, runway models are tagged as “live” models. They show off clothes from fashion designers as they walk and turn in front of audiences. A runway model must be willing to travel from one location to another and must learn to deal with tight schedules.

Some of the legendary runway models, known for their signature runway walk, are Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, and Tyra Banks. And, you must know as well as everyone that they are among the world’s best supermodels.


Runway models can earn at least $250 per hour. Modeling for internationally known mass brands would be between $800 and $1000, while for independent fashion brands, it would be $100 to $1500.


The Association of Model Agents requires runway female models to have a height between 5’8” and 5’11”, body measurements of around 34-24-34, aged 16 to 21 and with a weight of 90-130 lbs or directly proportional to height. For men, they should be at least 5’11 tall.

A runway model must be slender, with clear skin, good teeth and attractive facial features.

Catalog/Print Modeling

Catalog/Print Modeling

Catalog models are basically models photographed to promote a product. They are models hired to represent a product or service to a specific market for print advertising purposes. This type of models play a very significant part in making or breaking a designer’s reputation as they need to portray the image that the designer wants to cast to the target audience.

Did you know that Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, actually modeled for JC’s prom catalog shoot during the 90s? Well, she did. And, look where she is now.


A catalog or print model can earn at least $200 and as much as $3500, depending on the project’s time frame. For high-end catalog shoots, however, a model can get an average of $8,000 to $15,000 a day.


There are no specific requirements for catalog/print models as long as they fit a client’s needs. Normally though, they have to be tall, slender, healthy, and have great personality.

5. Body Parts Modeling

Body Parts Modeling

If you think you can’t make the cut to become a commercial, promotional or fashion model, you can always go for body parts modeling. This type of modeling is the use of body parts in a photograph to promote products for particular campaigns.

Hands are the most in demand body parts for modeling, feet come second. But, there are also successful models for abs, chest, legs, and lips.

You may not see the faces of body parts models and you might not know who Kimbra Hickey is. But, you can see everywhere the iconic Twilight Saga movie poster of her hands holding a red apple.


You can actually get good money by modeling your body parts, since this is considered a “specialty” modeling. According to Forbes.com, parts models for TV commercials can earn more than $1,000 and for top parts model, it could soar up to $75,000 a year. In general though, a body parts model can earn $300 to $500 per hour.


A hand model should have long slender hands, free from discoloration and blemishes. The same specifications also go for feet and other part models. They should also have the ability to pose in a relaxed manner.

6. Alternative Modeling

Alternative Modeling
Models with tattoos, piercings, and unusual hairstyles belong to alternative modeling. This type of modeling is characterized with distinctive attributes, which closely resemble that of a punk or gothic disposition or something that defies the norms of being a model.

If you think alternative modeling cannot make it to the editorial fashion, think again. Model Iska Ithil, one of UK’s top alternative models, graced the cover of Vogue Magazine two years ago with her colorful hair and extensive body piercings.


Rate for alternative models greatly vary since most of them work as freelance models.


Alternative models do not need to be tall and blemish-free. In fact, those who have body arts and extensive tattoos are highly qualified as alternative models. Depending on the client’s specification, an alternative model must be someone who is momentarily noticeable by being significantly different.

7. Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size Modeling
Plus size modeling has been giving fashion a major makeover. Known for having larger body measurements than editorial fashion models, these plus size models have started to take over the runways and magazine covers. They can either commercial or fashion models, who are not exclusive to modeling clothes, but also cosmetics, household products and accessories.

Marquita Pring, Alyonna Osmanova and Gitte Lill are just a few of the plus size models who are earning more than an average Ford model are making.


Plus size models are commonly paid $125 an hour, while top plus size models gets up to $15,000 a day.


To become a plus size model, you have to be full and curvaceous, at least 5’8 tall with healthy skin and good teeth.

Now that you are aware of the types of modeling jobs, it’s time for you to assess yourself and determine what type of model you want to become. Always remember that a top model is someone who uses their ingenuity to their advantage as they set their goals towards success.

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