Beginner’s Guide to Modeling Auditions

Modeling Audition

Just like other supermodels, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, and Tyra Banks did not reach the top of the heap without starting somewhere. Top billed models we know today went through a lot of go-sees, turned up for various modeling auditions and joined countless of contests before they earned multi- million contracts.

With this, it is important for you to understand that landing a job in the modeling industry will not come overnight. You have to start off by going through auditions and attending castings to display your talent and show clients your ability to represent their brands.

To help you prepare yourself, below are guidelines you can follow before going to a modeling audition:

1. Know Your Client

Modeling Tips
There are different types of modeling jobs in the industry and before you go to auditions, you have to know the specific type of model your client is looking for.

If your client is looking for a commercial model, know your role and the target market of the client. If they are looking for runway models, know the fashion designers and the brand you will be showcasing.

There are times when such information won’t be readily provided to you, but it’s best to make a personal research so you won’t get off on the wrong foot.

2. Practice

Modeling Practice
You will never know what the casting panel would ask you to show them, so it’s best if you know the drill and be ready for it.

Practice with your facial expressions in front of the mirror. Make your wall imaginary judges as you practice your lines and assume you are having real conversation with them.

Work out your stance and play with different poses. If Tyra Banks, who is known for spearheading America’s Next Top Model, would be a member of the casting panel, then you can expect to be dismissed easily if you are fond of sticking to the safe side.

Learn to work with the camera and know the tricks on how to hide your flaws when you go for auditions that include photo shoots. For a high fashion audition, you should study how models do it on the runway and practice your own style of walking wearing high heels.

3. Dress Up

Dress Up
How you look can mean as much as your personality. Thus, it’s very important to present yourself in a way that would create a positive impression on casting professionals.

Your Outfit

It is highly recommended for you to wear body hugging clothes when you go for auditions, such as black skinny jeans and a tank top, along with a pair of high heeled shoes, unless it was specified for you to wear something else.

It is best for you to be as simple as possible. This will allow the casting directors to imagine how you would look like wearing their brands or promoting their products.

Your Hair and Make Up

Comb your hair neatly. Keep it plain, but well-kept. You don’t want to keep brushing off your hair during your audition, as this will distract the casting panel.

Wear minimal make up to show your natural charm. Clients want to see the real you, so do not be too generous in applying concealer and eye shadow. As much as possible, use lighter shades of makeup and avoid smoky covers.

4. Come Early

Come Early
Coming in 15 minutes before your audition scheduled will show that you are responsible and professional.  There are a lot of things that could happen when you arrive on the dot or when you are late and you might ultimately lose your chance to join the audition.
Get directions, know which room to go to and always make allowances on your schedule. You will never know when you will get stuck in heavy traffic or when the road up ahead is closed for some reasons.

5. Don’t Forget Your Portfolio

Don’t Forget your Portfolio
Portfolios allow you to display your personality and show your ability to portray different characters in front of the camera. It is considered a mortal sin to leave it at home when you go for auditions.

A good portfolio includes 12- 24 photos with head shots, waist up shots and full length or body shots. Your photos should also speak of your creativity and versatility behind the lens.

As your portfolio will contribute to creating a good impression among casting professionals, make sure that it is concise, simple but artistic, professional and updated.

Aside from your portfolio, it is also recommended for you to bring a pen as you might need to fill out forms and other papers. You’d also need make up for retouching and other specific requirements needed for the audition like extra outfits.

6. Have the Right Attitude

Have the Right Attitude
Having the right attitude when going to auditions will make you look competent and will help you create a good reputation for yourself. A positive demeanor gives you higher chances of landing a job, whether in the modeling industry or in whatever career you want to pursue.

Patience is a Virtue

It’s very rare to show up to auditions with no queues, so be prepared to stand in line for long periods of time. Commit your whole day to the casting because you don’t know when your name is going to be called or how long the audition is going to take. Sometimes, you might even be asked to come back the next day. Stay calm and be positive.

Be Confident

Be confident, but not arrogant. You are in an audition because you believe in yourself and that you can make the cut. So, there’s no point comparing yourself with that auditionee sitting right beside you.

Maintain your composure, make eye contact with the casting panel and smile. Remain cheerful and give them that feeling that the person they are looking for is the one standing in front of them.

Act Professional

It is very important to act professional during castings. You are not in the audition to gain sympathy for your heart-breaking life story. So, stay focused on your goals and act appropriately.

Being able to follow directions is also another way to show your professionalism. Pay attention to what the casting directors are telling you and carry out exactly what you are asked to do. No one wants to work with someone who can’t carry out instructions.

Always remember that before you go to an audition, you must research, practice, dress up accordingly, come early and have a positive disposition.  If you can’t land a modeling job on your first audition, think of Gisele Bundchen who had to go through 42 auditions before she got her big break.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So, always give your best during modeling auditions, as you’ll never know when it’s going to be your lucky day.

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