Filipina Models Share Tips for Creating a Chic Off-Duty Look

Model Off-Duty Look

Ever wonder how models look so put-together even when they aren’t shooting editorials or photo spreads? Well, it is not exactly rocket science. Many models resort to looking simple yet chic when they want to sport an off-duty look. After spending hours attending fittings and being forced to wear uncomfortable clothes, they become masters of the art of looking comfy and cool when not on set.

So whether or not you are working professionally as a model, you might still want to look chic on the streets. Here are some tips for putting together your own version of an off-duty look straight from the models themselves.

Models Share Their Tips for Creating a Stylish Off-Duty Look

1. A classic black-and-white ensemble

model off-duty look

“A model off-duty look for me is a comfortable outfit that still shows a little bit of my personal style. My style is very urban-minimalist which means I wear a lot of blacks and whites. It’s never too dressy just effortlessly stylish.” —Hye-won Jang

Nothing spells stylish more than a classic black-and-white outfit. Filipina by heart, Hye-won Jang perfectly matches her East Asian beauty with casual clothing pieces. Pair a V-neck white blouse with fit black trousers and you will definitely look comfortably cool! Finish the look by adding cat-eye sunglasses, a monochromatic clutch bag, and glossy shoes, and you’re bound to catch the eyes of anyone you pass by.

2. Denim shorts

20160621-Yanna (1)

“Denim shorts, simple black top, a jacket depending on the weather, and sneakers! Keep it simple and comfy!” —Yanna Cowper

Yanna Cowper is one of the fast-rising models in the local fashion scene. A lot of young girls marvel at the way she looks cool without putting much effort. Turns out, Yanna’s most essential clothing piece is a staple in most closets already. You can wear anything with your denim shorts, from plaid tops, v-necks, to even blazers. Take a cue from Yanna and match your look with a pair of comfy sneakers.

3. A grunge look

20160621-Siobhan (1)

“On off-duty days, I try to stay as comfortable as possible because on the job, I often wear tight or uncomfortable clothing already. So when I’m not working, I usually wear a pair of jeans or sweatpants. Most people describe my style as very grungy because I wear a lot of black clothing, chokers, and tees. I always end my look with a pair of black boots too! To add a little style boost to my OOTD, I just throw on a baseball cap or a trendy bomber jacket.” —Siobhan Moylan

When not done right, a grunge look will turn out sloppy. Scour through your closet for vintage rocker shirts and leather jeggings. Model Siobhan Moylan recommends accessories such as chokers to complete this edgy look.

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