Here’s What to Expect Backstage at a Fashion Show

Backstage at a Fashion Show

Beautiful gowns, gorgeous models, and an equally gorgeous audience are what fashion shows are about, right? The answer is yes, but backstage at a fashion show tells a completely different story from all the glitz and glamor. It is often stressful, everyone is in a state of panic, and it only comes to an end when the last model steps on the runway.

So if you happen to have your first runway show booked, then you might find the information below helpful. Here are the different scenarios you can expect backstage at a fashion show.

Modeling Career: Backstage at a Fashion Show

Everyone is pretty stressed out

Behind the Scenes at the Julien MacDonald Fashion Show

Outsiders often have the impression that modeling is the easiest job in the world. On the surface, it is easy to see why a lot of people would come to such conclusions. Models are paid to walk down the runway, look pretty, and they get to mingle with the biggest names in the industry. But behind the curtain, there is a lot of work to be done.

Before the fashion show officially starts, you head to the venue, then get ready for rehearsals and makeup. You can also find yourself getting cut out from the show if the designer doesn’t find your look fit for the job. Yikes! Fashion week is even more stressful. Models need to cross from one show to another whenever they book several jobs. That means they’ll only get a few minutes to scrub off the makeup (and glitter) from the previous show to start all over again.

Quick fixes

Nicholas K-Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Sure, designers prepare for the big show months in advance, but there is always room for last-minute fixes. Your shoes could be changed, outfits could be switched, and even the pacing and music could be completely different! As a model, you need to be quick-thinking and flexible so you can adapt to any last-minute changes.

There will be a lot of photographers

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015-Backstage

Models and stylists are not the only ones present backstage at a fashion show. Publicists, editors, influencers, and a whole lot of photographers will squeeze themselves in the same hall just so they can document the event. Despite the chaos, there’s also the occasional “selfie” takers. If you visit any model’s Instagram, you’re bound to see some backstage action complete with fierce before-and-after looks and some memorable photobombs.

Designers put a lot of effort into creating the best fashion show. As a model, you need to be at your most professional behavior to avoid adding stress to the tension-filled atmosphere. Runway shows are definitely not as easy most people assume it is. But once you realize that you were a part of the team that put together such an amazing show, then you’ll know that your sacrifice and hard work was all worth it.
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