Kelsey Merritt Shares Modeling Tips for Beginners

Kelsey Merritt Model

She’s been a Maybelline girl. She was once the face of Kashieca’s campaign. She’s graced the cover of Preview, Metro, Candy, and Chalk magazines. And now she’s one of the gems of Wilhelmina Models. With these achievements, there’s no way you’ve never heard the name Kelsey Merritt, the beauty everyone has their eyes on.

Kelsey Merritt

As she stars in the latest San Mig Light campaign, Kelsey Merritt sits down once again with Preview to talk about modeling. And now the Filipino-American supermodel has been generous enough to share some pieces of advice every rookie model should take.

Kelsey Merritt Shares Modeling Tips

Read about Merritt’s helpful tips newbie models should keep in mind below.

1. Know your priorities

Just like young models today, Kelsey was a student herself when she just started modeling. At the time, she struggled to make time for her studies and her modeling gigs. But for her, it’s all about knowing your priorities, that’s how she survived college and walked down the runway at the same time. And she succeeded, the 21-year-old even graduated with honors.

Model Kelsey Merritt

2. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone will rob you of the many opportunities you could’ve used to boost your career. be brave enough to do the things you’ve never done but have always wanted to do. Take risks, that’s how Kelsey got her first international gig. She braved the heavens and booked a ticket to New York for a job she wasn’t completely sure about. But she took the risk, and it served as her stepping stone toward achieving even bigger things.

3. Meet new people

Last but not the least, be open to meeting new people. Building connections is important in this industry. For Kelsey, building your network is a good way to learn new things.

A successful modeling career is not served to you on a silver platter; you have to work hard to be the supermodel you dream to be. Work a little harder, know how to balance work and studies, and socialize. Take it from Kelsey Merritt.

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