How to Land Print and TV Modeling Jobs in the Philippines

TV Modeling Jobs in the Philippines

Do you have great features? Are you confident in front of the camera? Then you just might have what it takes to be the face of popular brands around the country. There is a large number of print and TV modeling jobs in the Philippines, and the best thing about them is that they are open to both local and international models.

Commercial modeling is one of the biggest sectors in the modeling industry. It also happens to be less strict when it comes to requirements unlike runway, which is exclusive for tall and skinny models. So if you want to embark on a modeling career, here are a few tips to get you started.

Modeling 101: Print and TV Modeling Jobs in the Philippines

1. Sharpen your acting chops!

TV Modeling

Agencies don’t usually have a specific set of requirements when it comes to commercial models, even employing everyone from toddlers to grandparents. So all you really need to bring to the table is a sharp set of acting skills and a pleasing personality to match. If you apply for TV modeling jobs, a typical audition will require you to portray a wide range of emotions.

So how do you sharpen your acting skills? Getting an acting coach or taking classes may cost you some money, but they are surely worth the investment. However, if you choose to practice on your own, see to it that you have someone give an unbiased opinion on your acting. You can also choose to record yourself on camera to review your acting skills.

2. Get started

Modeling Set Card, TV Modeling Jobs in the Philippines

Before you head out to go-sees and auditions, you need to have your modeling set card ready. A modeling set card will serve as your passport to the industry.

What does a model set card contain? Here are a few pointers:
  • Model’s measurements including height, weight, shoe, and dress size
  • Updated contact information
  • Whole body and beauty shots: one with minimal makeup and you can include a photo with avant-garde makeup on
  • Photos need to be in high resolution

Then you should start choosing agencies to submit to. Click here to view popular modeling agencies in the Philippines.

3. Maintain your looks

Maintaining a Model Face
If you want to land print and TV modeling jobs in the Philippines and in any other place, it is important to have a face free of acne, pimples, and other skin issues. You can achieve this by following a healthy diet and hitting the gym on a regular basis. Excessive consumption of bread, sweets, and carbonated drinks may cause your skin to break out. This does not mean you should avoid them altogether, but do take everything in moderation.

4. Be confident

Confidence of a Model
Many Filipino talents are reluctant to enter the industry because they think it is exclusive for those with mestiza features.  That perception is very wrong. If you do your research, then you will see that the top models in the country boast Filipino features.
Lastly, you’ll have to learn to be patient when it comes to getting booking jobs. The modeling industry is a very competitive one and you’ll have to go head to head with other hopefuls on a regular basis. The secret to surviving the modeling industry is to keep your head up, keep moving, and always be confident.
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