Meet the 2 Pinays on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6

2 Pinays on AsNTM 6

After more than a year, Asia’s Next Top Model is back, and this time, two Filipino models are joining the roster.

2 Filipino Models to Join ‘Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6′

Asia's Next Top Model

After the headline-making win of Maureen Wroblewitz last year, the world is itching to see if another Filipina will emerge victorious in the highly anticipated next cycle of one of the most prestigious modeling competitions on reality television.

Last year, three Filipino models flew to Singapore to represent the country, including then-22-year-old Anjelica Santillan, 20-year-old Jennica Sanchez, and cycle 5 grand winner, Maureen Wroblewitz, who was 18 when she joined the competition, the second-youngest among all participating models.

This year, two Pinays have made their way to Thailand to join the show’s twelve other candidates who are all vying for the coveted title of “Asia’s next top model.”

One of the country’s bets is Adela Mae Marshall. Marshall was one of the contestants on Philippines’ Next Top Model, which wrapped up May last year, before she was sent to compete on behalf of PH to the international modeling joust. The charming lass was born in England but decided to visit the Philippines to know more about her Pinoy roots. Aside from modeling, Marshall is also interested in music and has, in fact, released a single called “I’m Just Like You,” a song she wrote herself.

Adela Mae Marshall

Marshall names Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara as her favorite. And just like her role model, she wants to break into the modeling scene by working hard, grabbing all opportunities she could get, and braving anything that may come her way.

Another Filipino on the show is Jachin Manere, the 21-year-old runway model who has already been making headlines for her resemblance to Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. The stunning Pinay, who stands 5’9″, has been modeling for brands since she was 18. Ever since she went to her first-ever go-see, Manere has been catching people’s attention for her confidence and commanding presence.

Jachin Manere

For Manere, modeling is something she sees herself doing for a long time. In an interview with PhilStar, the music business student shared that modeling has helped her in a lot of ways. She quipped, “I realized that I am capable of doing things I didn’t think I could do. Modeling empowers me to work harder. Modeling has taught me a lot and I know I have a lot more to gain in this profession. While here, I want to be a better model and a better person.”

Equally gorgeous and talented, both Marshall and Manere have vowed to do their best and give the Philippines a back-to-back win. And now what’s left for us is to support these ladies as they try to make a name for themselves and the country.

Asia’s Next Top Model 6: Beyond Limit will be aired on FOX Life beginning August 22. The contestants will be joined by a panel of judges that includes Cindy Bishop and Yu Tsai.

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