Kelsey Merritt: Philippine Modeling Newest It Girl

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Twenty-year-old Kelsey Merritt is a force to be reckoned with. Last year, she signed with international modeling agency Wilhemina Models, the same agency that famously trained the most recognizable faces in fashion such as Beverly Peele and Iman. Wilhelmina has a number of offices around the United States and United Kingdom.

This particular opportunity opened several doors for Kelsey, including editorial work for top fashion magazines such as Nylon and Harper’s Bazaar. She also got to star opposite Gigi Hadid in a commercial for Maybelline New York, which definitely put Kelsey in the map. To cap off her successful year in the industry, Kelsey Merritt also headlined Cosmopolitan‘s 8 Sexiest Models of 2015.

Kelsey Merritt: Filipina Model of the Moment

Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey Merritt was in her native city of Angeles, Pampanga, when she was informed that Wilhelmina Models New York was looking to sign her. She was only a few months shy into her sophomore year in college, so Kelsey decided to prioritize her studies before making any other commitments.

She eventually flew to New York to meet up with the casting directors, and since then, she has been booking a number of successful campaigns. Aside from the Maybelline shoot, Kelsey was chosen as one of the models for Vera Wang’s Fall 2015 campaign.

Kelsey can credit much of her success to her own hard work and from the exposure she got with the help of BJ Pascual. Back in 2014, the famous Filipino photographer posted photos of her on his Instagram account, which led to her eventually signing with Wilhelmina Models.

Other than her successful international gigs, Kelsey has done a lot of notable works in the local scene as well. She is currently the ambassador for body wash brand Lux and is the face of, one of the biggest online retail companies in Southeast Asia. She has also graced the cover of top local magazines such as Rogue and Metro.

Wilhelmina Models

Despite the number of opportunities presented before Kelsey Merritt, she continues to remain grounded by focusing on her studies. She does, however, aim to walk in the creme de la creme of all runways: the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Until then, Kelsey wishes to continue studying until she earns that much-wanted degree in communications.

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